Homelessness has catastrophic effects on people’s lives, yet it is increasing nationally. It is not just one of the most extreme forms of physical deprivation, it also defines a group that is subject to discrimination and violence.

Preventing homelessness is something Stronger Together Tameside is working towards by collaborating with various organisations. We want to tackle the problem at an early stage by identifying potential risks and then intervening before things go wrong.

A pro-active approach to helping those in need will increase the number of people we can support. By giving them the tools and information they need we can assist them into accommodation and to become a valued part of the community in which they live.

One scheme that has been implemented at a national level and has seen a great impact on Tameside is A Bed Every Night (ABen).  This is a commitment to providing a bed, welcome, hot meal and support for anyone sleeping rough in the borough.

The programme is making every effort to address the needs of rough sleepers by offering additional temporary accommodation with lower criteria than current provision, removing them from the risk of extreme weather and improving health and wellbeing.

Stronger Together Tameside will help lead the way to ensure that all in need get the help and support they need to make a difference to not only their lives, but the community as a whole.

There is no need for anyone to be sleeping rough in Tameside.